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PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE.Within the client Asset Management activity, Bank Zarattini & Co aims to provide its customers with a steady and balanced increase of their assets over the medium term and at the same time, to protect their capital by controlling the quality of the investments. In reaching these objectives, the management takes into account the customerís risk profile to obtain the best possible ratio between performance and volatility of the investment.

Currency speculation does not fall under the banksís investment management policy. However, there might be a presence of currencies other than the reference in client portfolios with a view to asset allocation. In such situations, the Investment Committee provides an indication on diversification according to the clientís risk profile. For Banca Zarattini, it is essential that Asset Management reflects not only the objectives but also the risk management policy of the investment. For this reason, client asset management is monitored regularly and independently with regards to compliance with internal guidelines and consistency of the investment with the risk profile of the mandate.

Asset Management
Banca Zarattini & Co offers its customers a wide range of investment management lines, in order to meet the various performance needs, while respecting the individual risk profiles indicated by the customers.

GPF and GPS (Funds and SICAV Asset Management)
Fund asset management allows for greater diversification and focuses on finding international asset managers and management strategies that can provide stable and long lasting returns. The inclusion of collective investment vehicles is based on a quantitative and qualitative selection process, and it is completed after conducting a thorough due diligence of the manager used to recognize potential issues.
We also utilize the funds managed by the bank as an expression of our management teamís ideas, as well as the degree of transparency they are able to offer. The strategic allocation of the portfolios are obtained with a "top-down" or "bottom-up" approach, depending on the asset classes analyzed.

GPM (Securities Asset Management)
GPM (client asset management, investing predominantly in securities directly) is characterized by a more dynamic and direct control by the Portfolio Manager of its own exposure to the market. The portfolio, be it equities or bonds, is built based on a fundamental analysis (in-depth knowledge of the income, strategic and managerial dynamics of the company, with an integrated assessment of the economic and financial indicators) and technical analysis of the individual instrument, taking into consideration the diversification and risk management criteria.

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