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PRECISION AND RELIABILITY. Banca Zarattini’s Private Banking service is based upon the search for excellence and maximum consistency on the investment, backed by a three level structure: the Private Banking Team, the Investment Committee and the Asset Management team. Banca Zarattini’s structure provides its clients with the Private Banking Team, with the specific task of defining the objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon of the customer. The Private Bankers recommend investment solutions most adapted to the specific needs and expectations of the customer and they lead the constant communication between the bank and the investor to make the Asset Management process as transparent as possible.

The Investment Committee, composed of members of the Bank’s General Management and Asset Management team, periodically provides general guidelines for the asset management and asset allocation, based on the experience of its members and the analysis of the evolution of the macroeconomic environment. These guidelines, as well as being the base of the Bank's Asset Management activity, are optimized and streamlined to be used directly within the client Asset Management activity of the bank.

The client Asset Management activity is entrusted to the Asset Management Team, whose members are experts in traditional and alternative strategies and have a long and proven track record investing in mutual funds and equities or bonds. Investment strategies are characterized by a dynamic management of investments and the instruments used are analyzed in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

Banca Zarattini & Co also provides, by means of a network of leading consulting firms, specialized consulting in fiscal, legal, and business matters: national and international estate planning; restructuring,mergers, and liquidation of businesses; assistance in business acquisitions; consulting services for the establishment of trusts, family foundations and public foundations.
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