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LOW RISK. Banca Zarattini & Co Private Banking is characterized by its transparency and expertise, which makes it a reliable and competitive counterpart. Growth
The strategic objective pursued by Banca Zarattini & Co is a steady and balanced return in the long run, generating positive results during both the upswings and the downswings of the stock and bond markets.

Risk aversion is one of the main characteristics of the investment strategy used by Banca Zarattini & Co. The specialization in the use of instruments such as hedge funds has allowed us to protect the value of investment portfolios even in adverse times.

Personalized Service
The Private Bankers of Banca Zarattini & Co are dedicated to understanding and properly defining the financial profile of each client, in order to design a personalized investment strategy based on the expectations, risk propensity, and time horizon of the individual.

Our private bankers and fund managers are always available to share their expertise and provide pertinent information to their clients: offering a detailed description of the individual investment portfolio, and clearly identifying the asset allocation, risk levels, and exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, as well as providing updates on overall performance.
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