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ENTRUSTING YOUR PERSONAL INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO TO A COMPETENT, PRUDENT AND EXPERIENCED BANKER. THIS IS THE PRIVATE BANKING SERVICE THAT BANCA ZARATTINI & CO OFFERS: A DIRECT LINE TO PRIVATE BANKERS AND FUND MANAGERS, WHO PROVIDE INTEGRATED ADVICE TO MEET YOUR PARTICULAR FINANCIAL, PERSONAL AND BUSINESS NEEDS. BANCA ZARATTINI & CO HAS A STRONG TRADITION OF POSITIVE RESULTS WHICH BEGAN WITH ITS FOUNDING AND HAS CONTINUED UP UNTIL TODAY. BANCA ZARATTINI & CO was founded in 1991, with the aim of providing Private Banking services based on alternative investment methods. In nearly 20 years of activity Banca Zarattini & Co has consistently provided positive annual returns to both clients who chose Banca Zarattini & Co to manage all their personal wealth, as well as those clients who used Banca Zarattini & Co as an expert in alternative investment methods in order to diversify their investment portfolio.

Banca Zarattini & Co Private Banking services can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. These services include investment portfolio management, financial and fiscal consulting, as well as estate planning and business consulting. Together with your private banker you decide which portfolio management methodology and strategy is best suited to meet your needs. The two methods proposed are:

The Discretionary Management Mandate is for clients who prefer that our experts manage their investment portfolios, following an investment strategy that the client defines with our private bankers and that best suits their needs and expectations.

The Advisory Mandate allows the clients to create their personal investment strategy. Banca Zarattini & Co can then buy and sell on the client’s behalf the stocks, bonds, etc. that the client chooses. If need be, the client is welcome to use the advisory services offered by Banca Zarattini & Co’s fund managers and private bankers.
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