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Today, Banca Zarattini & Co is one of the main operators in Lugano specialized in alternative investments and has among its clients, a wide range of private investors, insurance companies, banks, funds of funds, and foundations.

The Zarattini Group was created on the initiative of
Prof. Mario Zarattini, nuclear physicist, who since
1985 has gathered around himself a number of
entrepreneurs, including Mr. Flavio Quaggio, the
CEO of Banca Zarattini, with the objective of
developing and implementing innovative arbitrage
techniques on stock and bond markets.
Set up of an investment fund custody services company, Zarattini International, Malta.

In Mid-June, Zarattini Group and CFO SIM Corporate Family Office created the "Timeo Neutral Sicav" Project. Through the synergy between the two asset managers, Neutral Sicav became Timeo Neutral Sicav, relying on the expertise of both the management teams and providing a wider range of solutions.

In December the Zarattini Group, has acquired the 100% shareholding of Bank Euromobiliare (Suisse) from Credito Emiliano.

In August Banca Zarattini & Co expanded its banking business through the acquisition of the brokerage division of Prometeo Investment Services SA, an independent financial institution specialized in the intermediation and negotiation of innovative financial products.

In the month of June the Swiss Federal Banking Commission authorizes the company to operate as a bank under the name of Banca Zarattini & Co. SA.

Zarattini & Co offers its wealth management services to institutional investors.

In 2003 “Neutral Sicav” was created, an umbrella investment company under Luxembourg law. The sub-funds, authorised to be distributed in Europe, are managed using alternative trading techniques derived from the Group’s investment approach.

Zarattini & Co obtains the authorization from the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) to operate as a licensed Security Dealer: as such, Zarattini & Co is under compliance with the regulations established by the SFBC, and starts on the path towards becoming a full-fledged bank.

In 1996, the umbrella fund “Wolf Group Ltd” was launched, a British Virgin Island umbrella fund, whose sub-funds are managed using different investment strategies, from fixed income arbitrage to systematic trading, from trend following to value driven approach.

Zarattini & Co was founded by the fund managers of the Martin Group – a market neutral hedge fund based in the British Virgin Islands – as a trust company dedicated to the management of private wealth using alternative investment methods, not reliant on the trends in the stock market indices.
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