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BUILDING A SECURE FUTURE. From the beginning Banca Zarattini & Co’s client relations have been based on trust, assured by the values shared by a select and unified group of collaborators. Independent Bank
Specialized in asset management.

Shareholders’ Stability
Since the beginning the Group’s shareholders have been the Zarattini Family and Banca Zarattini’s Managing Partners.

Innovation driven Asset management
We were pioneers in many fields, like valuation models, quantitative research, neural nets, trading systems, risk management.

Know How / Expertise
Long lasting competences and experience in investment funds management
High level of discipline in asset management
Products with simple structure and sophisticated investment strategies.

The main objective of the bank is to guarantee the peace of mind of its clients.Therefore, the managers of Banca Zarattini & Co are dedicated to protecting the portfolios of their clients from the ups and downs of the markets, and ultimately increasing their wealth. This stability in positive returns has been made possible by using investment strategies not correlated to the stock market indices.

As financial markets have continued to change and evolve Banca Zarattini & Co has one of the longest track records of positive returns in the history of professional financial managers. This is the result of an organization which combines the best of technical competence and rigorous discipline.

Banca Zarattini & Co wealth management activities are prevalently based on the use of investment funds, to provide their clients with diversified risks and the possibility to see with clarity, at any given moment, their personal portfolio’s assets and results.
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